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My last several entries all seem to say the same thing: it's been awhile. Almost three years may be my record hiatus, though. I'm not even sure if anyone reads these things anymore, but honestly I haven't found a better place to brain dump since my leaving. Facebook is great for keeping in touch with friends, Tumblr is great for your quick fandom gif, Plurk for RP, but I really haven't found another place to just word vomit my thoughts and feelings everywhere in the last several years. I probably won't post here as regularly as I did, say, a decade ago (I've had this thing for twelve years now, how crazy is that?), but I'll likely be posting here with a little more regularity. The only other place I really vent at is my blog, Fatshionelle, but that's a little more area specific than a lot of what I like to reflect on.

School + work + getting by in a new town (did I mention I live in Los Angeles now and not Houston?) leads to lots of stray thoughts, and what better way to collect them than the very receptacle that houses all my high school and early twenties garbage?

But for now, it's time to do a little housekeeping. Dear sweet Cheesus, what was I THINKING with that last layout coding?

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[Pooh] Short fat and proud of that
Dear Lane Bryant,

Please stop. Just. Stop. My size system does not need to be reinvented. I do not need a scale of 1-8 with a matching color system. I don't even know what a '3 Red' IS. Now, I understand that when numbers get big, people get scared. Lord forbid someone wear a pair of pants in a size that has a number two in front of it. But really? A whole new sizing system?

How about we look at it from your point of view. Let's assume that every woman in the world is mortally afraid of the number inside her clothing (which seems to be what you're going on, so I'm rolling with it). Odds are that this is because she thinks she is fat and hideous, and putting on a pair of pants in a size 22 affirms this. So instead what you've chosen to do is force all these women into having to re-learn what their sizing is based on your system. I.E.; grabbing several pairs of pants, going into a poorly lit dressing room and squeezing into a few while going WHY AM I TOO FAT FOR THESE FML /WRIST before finding the right pair.

Women's clothing is ridiculous enough when it comes to sizing. Do kindly get out.


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[Firefly] e_e
<___________> + :E + 8D?

○〇O0O0oo <*)) >>=<

That's all I got to say about that.

Voice Post
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Ate South American food. Saw Orphen. We then came back to my place and watched An Evening with Kevin Smith to make me less angry. Baked brownies. Have to be at my mother's house in eight hours.

I am awake at 4:15am. FMLLLLLLLL

But at least my apartment looks snazzy and smells of brownies.

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.. think I might be done with friends locking everything. I'm going to start making a few of my posts public again and see how that goes.

Also, fuck you Vegas / Houston time difference. Auuugh I still have jetlag. MY BODY THINKS IT'S 1AM.

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All comics $1.00 each, except those with a red asterisk, which are 50 cents each. I'll hand out discounts on lots too, just let me know!

THE COMICS.Collapse )

RP Characters
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28 Days Later
Jim :: hello0o0o0o0o0

Absolute Obedience
Louise Hardwich :: louise_hardwich

Dimitri :: hatestrains
Anastasia :: eew_stroganoff

Animamundi: Dark Alchemist
Georik Zaberisk :: count_georik

Jake Sully :: skxawng

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Zuko :: flexy_fire

Bakuretsu Hunters
Marron Glace :: apatheticflames

Xander Harris :: One-On-One Archived Logs

Poison Ivy :: ivying

Kanda Yuu :: D.Gray-Man (AU) - capn_kanda
Kanda Yuu :: D.Gray-Man (Canon) - kandapwnsyu

Doctor Who
Captain Jack Harkness :: capn_jack_h

Dragon Age
Zevran Arainai :: antivanleather

Mariko Yashida // Sunfire :: sunfire_ii

Pips :: shutupzag

Final Fantasy VII
Aeris Gainsborough :: masamuned
Seifer Almassy :: igottadream

Final Fantasy IX
Blank :: ishootblanks
Zidane :: thistaildontlie

Final Fantasy XII
Balthier Bunansa :: leaderman

Kaylee Frye :: alls_shiny
Dr. Simon Tam :: dr_idiot_child
Hoban 'Wash' Washburne :: rutting_pilot

Harry Potter
Sirius Black :: s1riusly
Harry Potter :: One-On-One Archived Logs

Hiro Nakamura :: ooohwaffles

Dr. Gregory House :: dr_cripple

Eames :: bloodydifficult
Yusuf :: ha_bloody_ha

Raylan Givens :: raylan_givens

Juuni Kokki
Rakushun :: alittlexposed

King and the Clown
Jangsaeng :: jangsaeng

La Corda d'Oro
Yunoki Azuma :: yunoki_azuma
Kahoko Hino :: kahoko_hino

The Little Mermaid
Princess Atinna :: princess_atinna

Magic Knight Rayearth
Fuu :: windbeneathmy

Mass Effect
Joker :: computingpi

Marvel 616
Julio Richter // Rictor :: rictory
Theresa Rourke // Siryn :: is_more_sonic
Mariko Yashida // Sunfire II :: sunfire_ii

Rock Lee :: Naruto - One-On-One Archived Logs

One Piece
Ace :: ace_firefist

Raine Featherfall :: gentledruid
Doyle Dafoe :: doyle_dafoe

Ouran High School Host Club
Haruhi Fujimia :: ootorofiend

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Phoenix Wright :: wrighthere

Pirates of Dark Water
Ren :: sonofprimus

Himeno Awayuki :: shiori_pretear

Ranma 1/2
Akane Tendou :: bakanebakabaka

The Road to El Dorado
Miguel :: inbarrels

Seiya/Sailor StarFighter :: Sailormoon - Mailing List

Sha Gojyo :: therealsmoker

Lina Inverse :: lina_the_pink

Suikoden II
Jowy Atreidies :: brbbetrayinu

Sword of Truth Series
Richard Sypher :: veryrareperson

Tales of the Abyss
Luke fon Fabre :: fon_whinypants

Flynn Rider :: flynn_rider

Captain Jack Harkness :: capn_jack_h

True Blood
Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq :: yahtzee_queen

Weiß Kreuz
Tsukiyono Omi :: freesia_smiles

X-Men Evolution
Lance Alvers/Avalanche :: lance_alvers
Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler :: evo_kurt
Sam/Canonball :: evo_sam

Zombie Loan
Michiru Kita :: y500

Since no one told me about this when it first came out
[Firefly] e_e
Apparently this has been up for awhile and no one's bothered to tell me. But since Amanda's (omichan's) case is still unsolved it's been added to the National Organization of Murdered Children's Database. You can find it here. Her case is case #86.

PG: Test Spin
[Firefly] e_e
Title: Test Spin
Author: Zully Quirke (zully)
Pairing(s): Lee/Gaara
Rating: PG
Warnings: Only if you haven't seen the major Gaara fights.
Summary: Probably crack. Lee has the worst luck in the world and Gaara doesn't believe in chance.
Author's Notes: Inspired by a recent "Dare" and "Kiss" challenge I saw posted somewhere. Not necessarily a response to it, just a little crack-y ficlet.

For the sixteenth time that evening he asked himself what he was even doing here in the first place.Collapse )


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